Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Separation of Church and State on Uncommon Descent

This should be an interesting thread on UD: The Separation of Church and State. (I’d jump in, but as most of you know, I’ve been banned.)

Many of you also know that like all good Baptists should, since we basically invented it, I support the idea of separation of church and state.

(Here was a fairly recent post on a Baptist who got it right.)

I’m guessing that the pro-separation position will be a minority position on UD. If anyone reads both blogs, you might want to ask if the Christian detractors of separation can support their position from the teachings of Christ or any New Testament scripture.

UPDATE: Wikipedia had a great Spurgeon quote:
Which shall we wonder at most, the endurance of the faithful or the cruelty of their tormentors? Is it not proven beyond all dispute that there is no limit to the enormities which men will commit when they are once persuaded that they are keepers of other men's consciences? To spread religion by any means, and to crush heresy by all means is the practical inference from the doctrine that one man may control another's religion. Given the duty of a state to foster some one form of faith, and by the sure inductions of our nature slowly but certainly persecution will occur. To prevent for ever the possibility of Papists roasting Protestants, Anglicans hanging Romish priests, and Puritans flogging Quakers, let every form of state-churchism be utterly abolished, and the remembrance of the long curse which it has cast upon the world be blotted out for ever.

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