Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letters from Luke

Luke is my autistic son. I've written about him here, which partly (or perhaps entirely) explains my irrational disdain for Christian schools, and here in which I discuss his amazing memory.

Luke has just started using email. His first email arrived, unexpectedly, the other day whilst I was struggling at work. It cheered me up immensely, to make an understatement.

I'll privilege you with a peek at our first round of exchanges. That's all you get—the rest are mine to savor alone.

Some background: Like many people with autism, Luke is very literal. Metaphors are not something that he can grasp. However, he is also mischievous about his literality. For example, he noticed that some intersections have a "No Left Turn on Red Arrow" sign—reminding drivers that even though the light is green for vehicles going straight, you can't turn left. So every time we come to a similar intersection without that sign, Luke says to me: "Since there is no sign that says you can't turn left on red, that means you can turn left on red." To which I reply "Oh, OK" and start moving forward as if I'll make the turn—and then Luke will say "Ah, no. I'm just kidding."

That is so you might grasp the references to hats and the National Anthem. The basic story is that we were at a baseball game and the announcer said "Please remove your caps." So Luke will often say, with an impish grin, "He said remove your caps, so that means I don't have to remove my [cowboy hat, space visor, etc.]"

The other thing you'll probably figure out is Luke likes palindromes.

Luke Heddle to me (Apr 24)

Dear Dad,
I love you so much and you love me too. What are we going to do in Pittsburgh when we go there in the summer?


David Heddle to Luke (Apr 24)

Yes I do love you very much.

I hope we can see a Pirates game at the new stadium.

Luke, what is:

Do geese see God?

spelled backwards?


Luke Heddle to me (Apr 27)

At the Pirates game when I stand for "The National Anthem", I don't have to remove my Red Sox hat, my Patriots hat, or my NASCAR hat (like Kevin Harvick, Robby Gordon, Tony Stewart, etc.) because I'm at a Pirates game. And he said, remove your caps. He didn't say remove your cowboy hat. He didn't say remove your mask either. In "Monster House", Chowder wore a mask.

David Heddle to Luke (Apr 27)

You do have to remove ANY hat for the national anthem!

What is:

Too bad I hid a boot

spelled backwards?


Luke Heddle to me (May 1)

I don't have to remove my squishy hat when I stand for "The National Anthem" because the man didn't say remove your squishy hat.

David Heddle to Luke (May 1)
Oh yes you do, you must remove any hat, including a space visor.

Luke what is:

Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?

spelled backwards?


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