Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Ain't Dead Yet

I just ran into a blogging triple witching hour:

  1. Nothing to write about.
  2. A pressing work deadline with constant Draconian oversight by a cruel taskmaster from Mississippi, a former grad student of mine, no less!
  3. An unusually busy schedule on the home front.
  4. Lot's O' travel
  5. Lot's O' snow!
But I'll be back in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, some gratuitous self-promotion: I got a new review of my book on Amazon. I don't know if the reviewer, Mr. David L. VanBoven is a reader of this blog, but if so: thanks! He wrote:
My first reaction to Heddle's book was that it was in-house grad student and physics department stuff that would bore me. Turned out to be wrong. It's human in the best sense. Deals with real human struggles and the variety of ways people deal with it. I found the life-style issues and the faith vs. reason struggles to be real-world with no pat answers and no literary lectures. The angst about contributing to life, about whether one is measuring up, about struggles with relationships, etc. is genuine and important inner struggle. For a scientist, Heddle is articulate and my only criticism is the editing--especially the articles and prepositions missing here and there. This book is short on plot but long on character development. Maybe David Heddle has discovered a new career. He obviously understands people.
I can't argue with that.

And missing articles, prepositions. Feature, not bug. Tried to write like detective novelist. Adverbs: who needs 'em? Adjectives? Occasionally.

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