Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ignore my rambling, but check out the posts

Professor Larry Moran cannot leave well-enough alone. He now claims that his threat to reject incoming students who deny evolution was a joke. Yeah, right. Anyway, see his response to Ed Brayton, or rather Ed's fisking of that response. Keep in mind, if you don't know Ed, he is squarely on the evolution side of the debate. He also has libertarian principles and an uncanny ability to stick by them even if it means opposing his colleagues.

Ed's writing will often remind you that there was a time when atheists did science, and believers did science, and atheistic scientists and believing scientists had pleasurable philosophical discussions in the cafeteria without demanding that their view be given a free-pass. After lunch they did experiments and wrote papers together. And then someone came up with the idea of stickers in textbooks and lawsuits and wedge strategies and “Vice” strategies and guidebooks for getting nonscience into the science curriculum and that religion was child abuse and now Moran's contrubution that students should pass an evolution litmus test or be expelled. But I digress. The again, maybe it was all a joke. Actually it is all a joke, just not intentionally so.

As for bizarre posts, if you haven't already, checkout DaveScot's (for those who don’t know, DaveScot is one word, like Fabian) UD post on the scientific possibility of a virgin birth. Now whether or not a virgin birth is a scientific possibility is an interesting question. However, it is irrelevant in terms of Mary’s virgin birth, in which she was conceived by the Holy Spirit. A virgin (or any woman) conceiving by the Holy Spirit is a miracle and hence inexplicable via science. It can be denied, but its lack of a scientific explanation is a feature, not a bug.

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