Monday, September 25, 2006


Spectator sports will break your heart every time. I need to do more "doing" and less "watching." Last week at this time I was on a natural high. Kevin Harvick had won two races in a row, include the first "chace" race. And not only did I get to see that race in person, but I was sitting right in front of Amanda (Jeff Gordon fan) and Becky (Dale Jr. fan) so the bragging rights were priceless.

Since that time: the Steelers have lost two games and yesterday Harvick--just when it looked like he would semi-miraculously nurse a mediocre racecar to a top ten finish in Dover, blew an engine with 40 laps remaining and finished 32nd, dropping from first to fifth in the NASCAR playoffs. Within nanoseconds of the blown engine, a vengeful text message arrived containing nothing but a crocodile-tears "Poor Kevin." Rats.

Karma: as a Christian, I don't believe in it. At the moment, the karma I don't believe in is very bad indeed.

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