Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello Again

Yesterday I went, with my younger son, to the NASCAR race in Loudon, New Hampshire. It was 94 and sunny. There is no shade at the track. The seats are metal benches, and their per-person width allocation is less than coach-class and not nearly wide enough for the average funnel-cake eating, beer-drinking NASCAR fan. I loved it. Fortunately (and I mean this with no disrespect) Dale Earnhardt Jr., the most popular driver (by leaps and bounds, whoever is second is a distant second) was out of the race early with mechanical problems. When that happened, some nearby Dale Jr. fans got up and left—the race no longer meaningful for them—but rewarding us with some much-needed breathing room.

Only at NASCAR does the invocation routinely invoke the name of Jesus. I wonder how long that will last. At the moment, at least, generic Christian/Moslem/Jewish monotheistic prayers are the exception, not the rule. I make this merely as a social comment, without stating whether or not I actually believe that a short prayer ending with “in Jesus’ name we pray, amen” before a hundred thousand boisterous fans is glorifying to God or not. But regardless, it is astounding that it continues.

I have two Cosmological ID talks coming up. One will take place in a couple weeks at a local Rotary Club. The other will be in October, somewhere (TBD) in Nashua, NH and sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church in Nashua. The church will be advertising the talk, and will target teachers in particular. I’ll provide more information as the time nears.

I was planning to give a Sunday School lesson on humility as taught by Jonathan Edwards. However, I got bumped by a cruel Scotsman. So in a couple days I’ll post what I was going to teach.

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