Saturday, January 07, 2006

WARNING: Extreme Geek Post

I bought a new calculator for the first time in ages. Like all really cool people, I prefer HP Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculators. I bought the 33s. There aren't many options—RPN is fast going the way of the manual transmission. (Although, naturally, my orange car has a stick.)

Mostly I am pleased, but I do have five complaints.

1) You can actually operate it in algebraic mode—using the ENTER key as an equals sign. Blasphemy!

2) Made in China. Sigh.

3) The left/right function keys are teal and purple. What were they thinking?

4) It doesn't have that indestructible feeling of the old HPs.

5) The ENTER button should be double-sized.

It is still great geek-fun to hand someone requesting a calculator an HP RPN type and watch them struggle to locate the '=' button. Heh. It makes me smile just thinking about it!

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