Thursday, January 26, 2006

And the losing number is...

Mike Birch at Boar’s Head Tavern links to a story that “proves” that the lottery is run by minions of the anti-Christ. He forgot the truly irrefutable proof, from the only instance of verified cheating in a state run lottery. (Read down to see the number drawn.) This Pennsylvania rigging episode also shows up in this bestselling novel .

On a related note, while I think it is extremely stupid to play the lottery, I disagree with some of my fellow Christians that it is, it and of itself, sinful. Obviously it has great potential to become sinful and playing to win, whether routinely or when the jackpot gets humongous, bespeaks of covetousness. However, when I worked in an office I participated in “office pool” type activities, which occasionally including group purchases of lottery tickets. To me, the correct response in such instances (not that there cannot be exceptions) is to be a friend, have a little fun, and avoid looking like a legalistic stick-in-the-mud.

On the “novels published by David Heddle" bestseller list.

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