Thursday, May 26, 2005

Semi-Annual NRO Grrrrrr!

I dislike (no surprise) John Derbyshire's views on intelligent design, in which he dismisses cosmological ID as "coffee-break opinionating." And, even though he is not a scientist, he fancies himself an expert on the question of how scientists think.

I disliked his position on Terri Schiavo. Especially repulsive was his desire to have a pint with husband Michael.

I dislike the fact that he is "mildly" pro-abortion, whatever that means—is that were the baby is only "mostly" dead?

And now I dislike his position on stem-cell research.

If the NRO needed a token Protestant, why an Anglican? (and if so, why not someone in the J. I. Packer mold?)

Oh, and he still regularly refers to himself in third-person, as "Derb." Does that bug anyone else? It really pushes my buttons.

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