Thursday, March 10, 2005


I got into a heated discussion on an evolution site (not that evolution site) over the issue of wives submitting to their husbands. It all began when I noticed a post on pharyngula celebrating International Women’s Day. Several of the comments already present when I arrived made obligatory uncomplimentary references to Christians, Southern Baptists, etc. I began by trying to point out that they were arguing against a caricature. The biblical concept of a wife in submission to her husband does not mean that a husband rules like a dictator, or may treat his wife like a sexual or domestic slave. In short, it means that ultimate responsibility and accountability for decisions rests with the husband. Many pointed out how they reach decisions with their spouses: discussion, compromise, etc. I responded that my wife and I do exactly the same thing. The whole thing got ugly with name calling, etc. The owner of the post and the blog did not engage in the debate, reasoned or otherwise. Then, out of the blue, he labeled me a troglodyte. I have had unpleasant interactions with this guy before—his reluctance to engage and propensity to lurk and then lob an easy insult. Sadly, this time I responded in-kind and called him a “girly-man.” Things got worse. The topic of predestination even came up. (That happens to me a lot.)

If this kind of thing amuses you, you can read it all here. I guess trying to argue biblical submission on the International Day of the Woman was not the savviest move I have ever made.

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