Friday, February 04, 2005

More Book Self-Promotion

Book update (for those who are interested.) My book, Here Eyeball This!, a humorous-yet-poignant coming-of-age, evangelical, intelligent-design novel, is presently available via POD here. Since making the book available via this route, I have signed two contracts, one with a Canadian publisher for the dead-tree version, and one with an e-publisher. When the Canadian publisher is ready to go to print, I will remove the book from

When accepting the book for e-publication, I received this kind review from the publisher:
How much did I like Here Eyeball This!? Well, it occurred to me that if J.D. Salinger had continued to follow the experiences of dear Holden Caulfield into later adolescence and early youth, and Holden had become a physics major at CMU, Salinger could have written this book. But he didn't and you did, so congratulations. It is a beautiful book. I love it. – Jean Goldstrom, publisher, Whortleberry Press.

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