Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This Post has No Title

Soon you will get blasted with a sea of posts on church history, the topic of this year’s Sunday School class. I will do as I did last year when I taught on eschatology, that is, as I write the material I will post unscrubbed parts of the lessons here. However, I will also post complete lessons over here, so that anyone who is interested won’t have to scour my archives.

Now for something completely different.

Dear Miss Blogger,

Is there a protocol for linking to other posts? In particular, given the canonical form of a sentence containing a link is:

[name of author] is posting on [this topic] over at [this blog].

Which part gets the link? Or should the [this blog] part get a link to the blog’s home page while the link to the specific post goes elsewhere?

And what if you break canonical form, as in omitting a reference to the blog:

[name of author] is posting on [this topic] .


There is a post on [this topic] over at [this blog].

then what? I just don't know.


Confused in New England.

And now yet another completely different thing:

Do you ever play the Spider solitaire provided by Microsoft? I have been, because of one curiosity. It won't let you deal a new set of ten cards if you have any empty slots. But what happens if you don't have enough cards to fill the slots? I had to find out. So after --I don't know how many games --I found myself in that situation. Would it forgive me since I had fewer than 10 cards? I could hardly wait to hit the stack to generate a deal. The result: you get stuck. It keeps telling you that you can't deal until you fill all the empty slots. Clearly a Presbyterian game. Here is a screenshot.

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