Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Where art thou O fairness?

The other day I heard a report from a young man on staff at Campus Crusade. He described many heartwarming stories of people coming to Christ. He described the evangelical power of The Jesus Film. He described supernatural occurrences in remote third world villages. Of sightings in villages of a stranger, a stranger the villagers later recognized as (the actor who played) Jesus in the film. Of rebel soldiers who emerged from the bush just as the film was starting. Instead of killing the villagers, they were converted by what they saw.

I don't refute, challenge or in any manner impugn any of this. I think the work being done is glorifying to God.

He told of the testimony young girl in an African village. Through the missionaries, she and more than forty members of her family received Christ. The girl had one lament. Her father died just before the missionaries arrived. He never heard the gospel and was lost.

I thought about this girl's story. Because some white guys didn’t make it to the village in time, her father was lost. Maybe they arrived late because they took a wrong turn and got lost. Maybe they were arguing about something trivial and insignificant and missed the bus. Maybe they were delayed because the airline accommodated an arrogant politician.

They didn't make it in time. The man missed his chance.

How can anyone ever claim that Calvinism is unfair while Arminianism is not? Would a supporter of Arminianism tell me how, under their view, this man had a "fair chance?"

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