Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Will be light posting if any for the next week. Mostly likely you won't have me to kick around until a week from today (Aug. 20). I am off to the left-coast for work and hopefully a little play. All of us in the family with fewer than four legs are going. That means poor Molly will be "left behind". She is not enraptured. She appears to have detected her fate and is in self-loathing mode.

On an unrelated subject, I now have enough rejections from literary agents for my novel to wallpaper the kitchen. It has caused me to restructure and rewrite. So I will make another round looking for abuse. Only someone who has been through this can appreciate the joy of seeing the SASE that you provided (as required) when you submitted your query, sitting there sneering at you in your mailbox. You know what is inside. You should just burn it. But no, you open it to see if there are any new and clever ways you can be rejected. My most recent (and now a personal favorite) is I was not sufficiently enthusiastic to feel that I would be the right agent for your work.

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