Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Working on more postmillennial posts, but I have been too busy to complete the next one—perhaps by tomorrow. (Hopefully I can complete this series before it is "truly" postmillennial.)

In addition to my pesky day job, one thing that has slowed down my blogging is my work on my novel, which is coming along nicely (in terms of quantity—as far as quality is concerned, that is an open question) as I talked about here.

I still haven’t contacted an agent. I’ll ask again for recommendations for trustworthy agents that deal with mainstream fiction. And if you missed your chance to comment on my concern about writing a story based on a time of my life before I was a Christian, feel free to do so now.

Several people are reading the manuscript, and the feedback covers the spectrum from kudos to flames, with a most severe flaming coming from a friend who has published and has taught writing.

Although one brave soul from my church is reading the manuscript, it is someone, I think, who can identify with having a period in your life where your walk, if not nonexistent (as in my case), was at least put on the back-burner. I still worry about the reactions of those who have been lifelong stout Christians. Will they find the book acceptable? Am I being paranoid? Should I worry about it? Argggh.

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