Wednesday, September 04, 2002

A Change in Style

I am teaching an adult Sunday school class, which requires a lot of preparation. As such, my blogging will often track my (still evolving) Sunday School outline. To be precise, I will post my class notes as blog entries on this site. I have already blogged about many of these topics, so you'll be seeing some repeats (as far as subject matter) but not identical posts. Hopefully they will be expanded and reflect some of the feedback I received on the original posts, and so will still be of interest.

I hope to continue to sprinkle in new topics, but not every day. There just isn’t the time. In addition to the Sunday School, I am the beleaguered minion of a brutish Scottish task-master who leads our church’s youth group (I dinna ken how I got myself into that, but I ken my jaiket's on the shoogliest o' nails). And I am playing (well, participating) in an adult soccer league-- which might actually be fatal. Then there’s that pesky day job. Oh, and the wife ‘n kids. You know how it is. Sorry for the whining.

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