Thursday, June 27, 2002

A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

All you who are more politically astute than I, tell me if this proposal already exists or tell me why it cannot happen.

The Congress of the United States, while endorsing no specific religion, affirms the existence of an Almighty Creator who endowed all people with certain inalienable rights. As such, Congress shall pass no law prohibiting reference to God in pledges, oaths of office, public speeches, or from appearing on the Nation’s currency. Furthermore, the right to make reference to God shall extend to all locations, including all offices and buildings of the United States government.

I actually think this could pass. It is generic enough that Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons—just about everybody can support it (that’s a lot of voters). Consider how amendments are passed and think about the famous red/blue map of the 2000 election. The entire state of Babylon California could be written off without putting the amendment at risk. It may not go as far as some would like, but it should stop the lunatic judges from further eroding all references to God.

Ok flame me—tell me why I am the most na├»ve of people.

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